Monday, December 21, 2009

Now press repeat.

Pics in Facebook.

It's 630 am. Brilliant weather, I said to myself. "Ba mamanau po'". Kinarut to Tg. Aru, excited. The day has finally come. It's been some time since we all meet. By 'we', I meant ex- Yayasan Sabah scholars sent to Peninsular anytime between 1997 till 2001. I'm excited, for sure. Some of us haven't seen each other for at least 8 years.

710 am. Yes, I'm here early. Let's see, to find a pondok with a freaking bbq coal pot. Walked along the beach, adeh cantiknya. I miss the beach. Bertahun-tahun tia pigi beach. 730 am, Eron arrived with his fiancee, Kristy. I was a lil bit dissapointed. Why? I'm not sure. =p Anyway, we decided to put our things under an empty hut. Kristy, tunangnya si Eron, brought along their lil pup, Mimo. Mo bikin samluk kali ni ging. Haha, =p. Set up the arang with the expired fire starter. Took a while, 20 mins? Haha. Then, Jenn sampai with her, damn things. Banyak ba si Jenn bawa, uji rashids and the geng, nasi, sayur dildos, serving plates, lada, I mean every little bit of detail not missed by Jenn, well Jenn's mum. Haha. Sporting ba mem si Jenn. She even packed along playing cards.

A bit later, Yaya and Dayang came, hugging along our mihun goreng. Right, all food is here. Attendance at this point is...6. What the hell. Tiapa, it's still 9 am. Ok, time to panggang the fishes. Hmm, err ikannya belum disiang deh. Hahahaha, Jenn had to observe and practice Yaya's "Cara menyiang ikan" attentively. She needs all the practice she can get, going to be a wife in 6 months. Then came a problem, cleaning them fishes. Restaurant nearby refuses to lend us their sink, we would have to buy water from the public toilet, so Yaya forced us to use the nature's gift, the sea. Ya, ni kali la ging. 3 girls washing the insides of the fishes with sea water, with me happily just holding the ice box. Luckily,it's quite early, not a lot of people were looking at us, pretending to catch fish from the sea by hand. Pro~

Start panggang food, then our first guest Yan came. I lied, she had to be picked up by Jenn. I really salute her for coming, having being just discharged from hospital last Friday. Buli tahan semangat si kawan. Kudos. Sakit2 pun datang ba. After a while, I sent query messages to all confirmed attendees.

Hehe, macam2 alasan ba suma. Ada yang baru jalan dari Kota Belud, ada yang sesat, ada yang masih di tenom, ada yang menghadiri majlis keramaian keluarga, ada yang baru mo jalan dari Keningau and the best of all, our main guest, Dr. Primus, is at the hospital still doing rounds. Haha. Faham juga ba. Although, this sure highlighted our appreciation to our guest at the time.

After a while, Victor came, after walking along the beach from Shangri-La hotel to Tg.Aru 2."Lambai sa kalu kamu nampak sa ya." All we saw was a man wearing a fluorescent green top with a bag of gifts. VICTOR!! Haha. He does know how to make an entrance. Then came Azmi from Kota Belud, kunun. Oh by the way, tunangnya dia on the 26th of December at Ranau. Ba, sepa tia puas ati, pi crash! I'm joking,don't do that. Then the Ranau taikos arrived, Ron and Lourenc. They look exactly the same as I've remembered them.

Kitai, pa rahsia mo maintain o. Buyuk ni. Pastu, I volunteered myself to be buried under the sand, na semangat terus durang. Haha. Damn, those sand boobs were heavy. They sculpted a lady-boy out of me, god damn it. Teda benda lain ka? Hehehe. A little bit after that, main guest Primus arrived with his colleagues. Na, pa lagi bunga2 yang masih single, pigila cuba nasib. Haha.

After eating, it was time to leave. I mean gift. It's time for the gifts. We took our numbers, everyone hopefully picking the biggest and coolest present. I, on the other hand, praying that a female will get my gift. First up, Victor si Rudai. Got Ron's kura-kura. When pressed, "Muah muah, I love you~". Haha.

Sedih ba Victor. Next, Miss Yaya in the house! She got Azmi's present. We forced her to unwrapped it, she was too sayang to unwrap the beautiful gift. She got teaset which she was really happy to receive. Third on list was Dayang. She picked my name. I was glad at least a girl is going to unwrap my gift. Although I was gonna run to the sea either way. I didn't know what happened when she unwrapped it, cause I was busy in the sea burying my face in it. Some undies and Choki-choki.Yea, I am that shallow for picking that gift, seriously. I'm sorry Dayang, huhu. Nanti sa upgrade. Up next was Eron. He got Yaya's or Dayang's gift. A pen. It is what it is. Clean and no fuss. Azmi was after Eron, and what he got was Eron's Oolong tea cup. Yammmmmmmmm senggggggg. Ongkor seterusnya mencuba nasib. He received Jenn's 18SX table lamp. A nude figurine with his errr penis as the on off switch. With every flick, it must be painful being that figurine. 7th person to receive mystery gift was Ron Douglas. What he got was a stark contrast to what Victor received. Hahaha, two ornamental gifts given by Victor. Yes, two gifts. Haha mengamuk ka Vic?

Hehehe. Two gifts left, the obvious kura-kura and the obviously identical pen gift. Hmm, me and Jenn left with Jenn declaring "Saya tida mau kura-kura!". She was lucky, cause I picked the remaining kura-kura and Jenn unwrapped the final pen gift. Ho yeh!

Azmi had to leave early, he's helping his wife-to-be with some shopping. Mo bertunang la katakan. Victor follow suit, "Sa kerja ba ni ging,kuar skijap pi join kamu.". Their efforts was much appreciated, tunjuk muka pun jadila. Eron and Kristy had to go as well, as they have something planned for the rest of the day. This event could not be successful without them two. There was still a lof of food left, damn. A few Primus's friends came, and still there's a lot of food left. Tj and Emmanuel called, letting us know, they are coming from Keningau at 1230pm. Yay, more friends! Primus melayan kawan-kawannya yang tida dapat balik semenanjung atas sebab kerja, while I dive into the sea with a seawater virgin. "First time ni
mandi laut", dia bilang. Biasala, Tenom teda laut. Haha. "Masin!". Err, yea it is saltwater. It was really great in the sea, with the cute waves on you, great temperature, great weather. All was great except them freaking jellyfishes. Damn, banyak ba kan. We had to be alert not to be stung, although banyak ba doctors on shore, ready for mouth to mouth CPR if we're stung. Hahaha.

TJ and Emmanuel finally arrived at 2pm. Man, how much Nuel changed. Hahahaha. The pictures speaks for themselves. More chat, more seawater, more food, it was a great feeling. And tiger ping, although I didn't had any. Driving ba kan. =p. We chilled till it was sunset, the warm yellow sunshine bathed us into it. That night, some of us went out for some happy hour karaoke. It was fantastic, with everyone showcasing their vocal abilities. A certain someone also beat Nuel in two games of pool. Haha.

To be totally honest, I was bit gutted. I was expecting a bit more people coming having been left dissapointed. I do realized people are busy, and so are we. I do know that some people are "ashamed" and feeling insecure to meet up with old friends. "Kamu suma blajar tinggi2." I can honestly say, we do not compare each other's achievements or wish to. Everyone has got their own story, there wasn't any one person that came that was like " Aku belajar tinggi2 ba, ko apa ada?Ptuih! ". Sorry for the negative tone, I guess I was quite dissapointed. We just wanted to get together with old friends, talking about old memories, reminiscing the past for a short while.

All in all, I was glad this event was a success. It marks another wonderful memory in our lives, I'm sure of it. Sad of the attendance, could have done with a lot more commitment. That being said, this is not the end, there will be a lot more events coming. Thanks for those who came and special thanks for committees, Jennifer, Eron, Kristy, Hidayah, Dayang and Primus. Without you guys, I could not have made this alone. Aramai ti.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

...better late than never... kan?

hello.. hello...

Hi there; yaya ni. :)

Lama sudah sa nda menulis ni.. quite a few month I think :)

What's up now??

I'm sleepy already now; eventhough it's just 1034pm...

okay laa.. mau taip pun macam salah2 sudah..

I donno what is up to me... my eyes memang tidak memberi kerjasama yang bagus tonite.

Well.. wanna take this opportunity to wish you all;

... Happy Ramadhan to all muslim friends...

... Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya to all...

... Have a nice day to nite to all of us...

ohya.. by the way; anyone who has facebook account add me ya. jan kamu lupa tau..

and don't forget to join our discussion yg semakin hot itu di facebook sana. apa lagi..

about reunion.. P.I.C dia skarang si Joy. nda gitu.

and our yellow pages lady is si Atie.

okay. chow chow. nite2 everyone.

yaya sign off.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hi Hi Hi

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for the silence.
Its been a while since i log into here..
Been busy with something that not important actually..

Hmm.. Now i'm in Nord Sea,
Embarked in Norway few weeks ago.
Will go back home hopefully before Hari Raya.
And this time i want you all to come to my house ok?

Its been pretty boring up here..
nothing special.. just the same ol' shit, just different day.. i guess.
As it now rough sea, about 7-10 metres wave.
Standby doing nothing.. enjoying the wave.
Earning easy money.

Where's Dr. Prim Btw?
I've some medical question for you.. if you can give an opinion. I will appreciate it.
Afterall, you are the only doctor friend i have.
Its my friend, here in offshore..
really depressed about the news from his wife about his new born son.
His son is now 1 month old. No sign of sickness or pain.
Just the problem is the child have imbalance testicles size. One is big and one is small.
I'm just trying to help calm him down actually. His wife already went to clinics and the doctor said the big testicle absorbs water?? Is this true?
It's really pity of him because his 1 year old daughter just died last year of Meningitis.
So, if you know what i mean.... he is really depressed and could not face another problem for his children. So Please help.. give some opinion. Not only Dr. Prim but anyone who might know anything.

i felt quite dizzy now..
Time to sign off..
Prim, give me your email again..
Just if i have any medical question to ask.

Ciao all..